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Who we are

Sri Lanka Driver is a fully licenced tourist guide and driver. We use airconditioned cars which are fully insured (which is not always the case in Sri Lanka).
We can pick you up at any location in Sri Lanka, hotel or airport.
In the past years we have had a large number of enthusiastic guests and our main goal is that these guests are our ‘ambassadors’ for Sri Lanka Driver.
A happy guest who has the best vacation in a lifetime is our only goal.


What can you expect from us?

As said, we will pick you up at the airport or any other destination and drive you to any place you would love to visit. Even if you have read all the books about our beautiful country, we strive to show you that ‘special place’ or two that will amaze you even more.

Our driver will be fluent in English, drive carefully and safely and take you to all the lovely places in our country.

You can be sure that your driver will be approved by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board. To pass this exam they not only have to have a vast knowledge of all the tourist places in Sri Lanka but this License also includes a full police report, a complete medical conducted by the Tourist authorities, a check on legal involvements as well as history of traffic violations.


What are the costs?

The daily rate is €40,- (one day trips or airport transfer only are on request) and this price includes everything, meaning the car (fully air-conditioned, and fully insured (with passengers), all vehicle taxes, airport entrance fees, the total mileage covered according to the itinerary, the driver’s services, food and drinks for the driver, and the driver’s accommodation. There will be NO extra or hidden costs for you afterwards. Drivers accommodation when not available or inadequate will be required at €6,-

I have seen cheaper drivers, is that even possible?

Yes, there are some people who offer their services even cheaper than we do. If we would not insure our car or use drivers who are not approved by the Sri Lanka Tourism Board (meaning lower costs and drivers who might not have an immaculate reputation) we could lower our rate by one or two euro’s. But be honest, do you want to take that kind of risk for your well earned holiday?


Ok, I know that you are a reliable partner, now what?

There are two options,
1. You can let us know the itinerary that you have planned, make your own hotel bookings and we will drive you around. We will inform you if there are other places which you would love to visit.
2. You can tell us your arrival and departure date and let us make you a nice itinerary. We can make hotel reservations for you, or if you are a bit adventurous we can find a hotel en route.
Many clients book on the go so that there is a level of flexibility to their holiday and they can stay longer or shorter at a certain location without the hassle of cancelling bookings and the difficulty of getting the hotel refunds.